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The Job Centre is the worst place on Earth

  Yesterday, I went to the job centre to sign on – this is not something I wanted to do, but my parents don’t want to support me anymore and a guy’s gotta eat! Actually, that’s not quite the beggining of the story: Last week I went down there bright and early, foolishly thinking that … Continue reading


NOW roughly halfway through his UK tour promoting Space Between the Words, Dan Le Sac is feeling under the weather. Life on the road may have begun to take its toll, but he’s determined to soldier on, and even managed to find time to chat with Solomon Radley about his new album, his new stage … Continue reading

Artist Profile: STANZA

STANZA’s art explores questions raised by modern society – about privacy, surveillance culture, and who owns the data that is regularly collected about all of us – often using modern technologies to create his pieces. Since he first started exhibiting his works in 1984, STANZA has strived to create cutting edge art that deals with … Continue reading

Can’t find a graduate job? It’s 10 times easier to get on TV

matt rose article page 1matt rose article page 2   Matt Rose has just spent a week learning to make pumpkin cannelloni, not an easy dish considering the most extravagant thing he’s cooked to date was served with a side of potato smileys. He may have exaggerated his cooking skills when applying for MasterChef Live, … Continue reading

Photos: Pure Love – XOYO, London – 14/02/13

All photos by Will Hazell. (willhazell.tumblr.com) Turbogeist: Pure Love:

Graphic novel is real team effort

See link: Graphic novel is real team effort

Maker Thank Fans For Their Support Following Bus Crash

Following their horrific tour bus crash at the end of last month, Maker have thanked everyone for their support and donations. The band were on the highway about 90 miles East of Dallas, Texas on November 30, when the van fish-tailed and rolled several times, ejecting two people and totalling it. Their friend, who owned … Continue reading

Does the squatting law ‘loophole’ need closing?

In the past two months there has been a surge in reports of people squatting commercial properties, accompanied by calls from MPs to close this ‘loophole’ in the legislation. The migration has been caused by a change in the law making it illegal to squat in unoccupied residential properties. But is this migration really a … Continue reading

LIVE: TRC @ 1939 Peel, Kingston

TRC Halloween Show @ 1939 Peel, Kingston Wednesday, October 31 Are You Proud? Promotions delivered a cracking lineup for this Halloween show at the Kingston Peel. GIANTS were the first band of the night to really impress, delivering rapid Tony Hawk inspired post-hardcore with lots of chanting and gang vocals. Although the room was less … Continue reading

LIVE: Exit Ten @ Sub89, Reading

Exit Ten Sub89 October 11 It’s 9.05pm on Thursday, October 11, and we’re backstage at Sub89. Exit Ten frontman Ryan is getting changed to go on and chatting about how much cheaper it is to rent a motorhome than a tour bus, as long as you don’t mention that you’re in a band. He’s clearly … Continue reading

Letter to David Haye (an apology)

Dear David Haye, Recently I was chatting with my mates about boxing and someone brought up the subject of how strong you are, to which I said: “Yeah, David Haye’s really strong…I’d say he must be at least three times stronger than I am!” This, predictably, has meant that now whenever I’m performing mundane day-to-day … Continue reading

FRONT PAGE: Lib Dems slam council savings

Got my first ever font page today in the Newbury & Thatcham Midweek. Check the link below to see my handy work: FRONT PAGE: Lib Dems slam council savings