NOW roughly halfway through his UK tour promoting Space Between the Words, Dan Le Sac is feeling under the weather.
Life on the road may have begun to take its toll, but he’s determined to soldier on, and even managed to find time to chat with Solomon Radley about his new album, his new stage show, and his plans for the future.

(for the cut down version of this interview, see: “Reading Chronicle”)

“The song writing process was different actually because I’m so used to it being a half-and-half effort with me and Pip. This was a lot more back-and-forth between me and the collaborators – it was a far longer process but at the same time it was really rewarding,” he mused.
“I got the opportunity to work with different kinds of voices. It’s an album of experimentation on my part, but somehow it all hangs together.”

When asked if this new collaboration-based set up suited him, he reflected on how the process had helped him grow as a musician.
“It was nice to get in the studio with everyone – it’s a nice place to really get to know people.
“And I learned stuff – that was why I started writing after the last Dan and Pip album. I think that’s the only way to work as a producer, just to strive to become a better song writer.”

Dan’s current release features collaborations with several relatively unknown upcoming artists.
He said he enjoyed creating platforms for them get their voices heard, rather then just cashing in on some famous name (although that would be nice too!) and even expressed an interest in doing something similar in future.
“I’d definitely like to do more stuff with Sarah Williams White. She’s a very talented song writer and she knows what she wants. I’m definitely doing more stuff with B. Dolan,” he said.
“Part of the joy of it all was introducing these people to the people who follow me.”

Dan recently augmented his stage show with some of the guests who feature on his album.
When he returns to play his hometown on Monday, October 29 at Sub 89 he’ll be joined by Pete Hefferan (Pete and the Pirates), Merz, Sarah Willaims White and Josh Idehen (Benin City).
He singled out Sarah Willaims White as someone who is particularly central on his current tour.
“In the live set, she’s as important to the show as I am. She’s playing keys, percussion, singing…”

Being on tour with electro-folk musician, Merz, is especially significant, since Dan is a long-time fan of his work.
“It’s a weird thing,” he said. “Merz did an album 13 years ago and it was the first album that made me realise that classical voices can work with electronic music.”

Traveling the country surrounded by so many talented musicians, while rewarding, is (as you might imagine) a logistical nightmare!
“This time last year I did do a short run supporting B. Dolan, but it wasn’t really a show that I put much effort into so I’m trying to forget about it… This is my first out and out solo headline tour, yeah – it’s definitely the most tiring tour I’ve ever done!” Dan reflects.
“I’m organizing everything – there’s no manager or all of that stuff, so it’s been a ballache to be honest, but it’s been worth doing. I’m really glad i get to do it. Not everyone gets to tour their album, especially if you’re a producer.”

All his hard work seems to be paying off though, and the response from his fans has been excellent.
“People are coming and buying merch, which is a good sign they enjoyed the show – you don’t tend to buy anything if you’ve not had a good time”

Of course, Dan can’t wait to be back in Reading: “It’s always great to be back in your hometown, not least because it’s great to have all your friends there with you.
“The Reading show is right at the end – it should be a great gig!”

Looking to the future, Dan spoke about the impending release of his new single [Long Night of Life], as well as how the next album with Scoobius Pip is coming along.
“It’s out on October 22 – that’s a track with Merz.
“It’s funny coz usually the third single is the one that no one pays and attention to, but it seems to be getting a lot of attention!
“I actually got a call saying it was on Made In Chelsea the other day, which was weird because that’s a program I like to grumble about.”

He was a little more cryptic about his next collaboration with everyone’s favorite bearded poet.
“We are working together on SOMETHING at the moment but we’re not sure what it is yet.
“The plan is to do the next album next year. Hopefully what we’re writing now will turn into that.”
The two met in Reading recently for a rehearsal, and Dan said he liked how everything was sounding, but that things will probably start to come together after they’ve finished their respective touring stretches.
“It is really nice to write after you’ve been touring – it’s more settled and you can really get to grips on all the ideas you’ve been putting together over the past months.”

The more distant future is still very much wide open as far as Dan is concerned. When asked if he has any grand plans he would like to reveal he said:
“There’s a few covers that I wanna record, but that’d just be for me and I’d release them on the internet, you know?”
“I’m definitely a lucky individual to have had these past 6 years. If i can get another six years out of it that’d be beautiful.”

Dan Le Sac & Friends will bring their electro beats to SUB89, Reading on Monday, October 29. Tickets are £9 and are available from


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