LIVE: TRC @ 1939 Peel, Kingston

TRC Halloween Show
@ 1939 Peel, Kingston
Wednesday, October 31

Are You Proud? Promotions delivered a cracking lineup for this Halloween show at the Kingston Peel.

GIANTS were the first band of the night to really impress, delivering rapid Tony Hawk inspired post-hardcore with lots of chanting and gang vocals. Although the room was less than full so early in the night, the band made the most of the situation – handing the mike to the audience to do the chorus in set closer Another Day, Another Year got everyone yelling at the top of their lungs.

Adam Woodford in the pit – Photo by Michelle Duffy

When the lights dimmed and the intro tape whirred into action for POLAR it started to feel like Halloween.

Angry frontman Adam Woodford made it very clear from the offset that dancing was compulsory and kept the audience moshing continually for the duration (by spending most of the set in the pit himself and occasionally shouting things like “Move or I will move you!”)

From Tonight Matthew I Am the Batman to hardcore masterpiece H.E.L.L. this was a flawless performance from a band that could have easily headlined the night themselves.

By the time TRC took to the stage the venue was packed full of sweaty teenagers – many covered in fake blood or sporting pairs of vampire teeth – who erupted into action as soon as the 6ft 5in Frankenstein of a man that is Chris Robson kicked things off.

Chris Robson addressing the crowd – Photo by Michelle Duffy

As usual, they delivered their distinctively London brand of punk in a set that was brutal and entertaining in equal measure. Old favourites like Go Hard or Go Home and Define Cocky whipped the crowd into a frenzy, while new songs #TeamUK and Temptation were also well received. Not for the first time, Nathan Prowler (of Prowler) made a guest appearance for the second half of the set, terrifying everyone involved.

Definitely a Halloween to remember.

Anthony Carroll giving it everything he’s got – Photo by Michelle Duffy

The next Are You Proud? Show, featuring Liferuiner and Ursa Major willby at the 1939 Peel on Monday, November 26. Find them on Facebook at:


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