Artist Profile: STANZA

STANZA’s art explores questions raised by modern society – about privacy, surveillance culture, and who owns the data that is regularly collected about all of us – often using modern technologies to create his pieces. Since he first started exhibiting his works in 1984, STANZA has strived to create cutting edge art that deals with … Continue reading

LIVE: Your Demise @ Sub89, Reading

Your Demise Sub89 13th August I hadn’t been to a hardcore show in months, but I knew what to expect, and Your Demise certainly didn’t disappoint. The London five-piece burst onto the stage with all the energy and aggression characteristic of this kind of show, and although the crowd was a bit slow off the … Continue reading

Olympic Torch Relay: “I was overcome with emotion” (Reading Chronicle 12/07/12)

One of two double-page spreads I helped create for this edition of the Reading Chronicle. As well as being involved in the writing of the article, some of the photographs they’ve used were taken by me.

What’s On (The Villager Vol.16 Issue 15)

Below are three articles that I had published in The Villager. In order, they are a page lead, a picture story, and a down-page article. They make up the whole of the Entertainment section in this edition of the paper.

Safe as houses (Property Chronicle 12/07/12)

Olympic Torch Relay: Running with mum (Reading Chronicle 12/07/12)

Meals switch debate (Reading Chronicle 12/07/12)

GET OUT! (Reading Chronicle 19/07/12)

What sorts of evidence should philosophers use?

What sorts of evidence should philosophers use? TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction, Pge2 Section 1: The Proper Foundation View, Pge2-10 Section 2: Discussion of Restrictionism, Pge10-23 ABSTRACT: In this paper I shall explain the key ideas of the experimental philosophical movement, and consider their implications for philosophical practice. In the first section I shall argue that … Continue reading

NOTES ON: Wittgenstein’s Rule Following Considerations

The debate about what the correct interpretation of Wittgenstein’s writings about following a rule is on-going; it hinges on the question of whether he intended to claim that an individual who had never been a member of any community is capable of following a rule. In what follows I will introduce two competing positions concerning … Continue reading